While working for the Atelier Ace from 2005 to 2009, our own Jeremy Pelley helped to lay down the diverse foundation of the award-winning Ace Hotel brand. Under the creative direction of the four original partners, he helped produce high-level branding solutions, graphics and products for each of the Ace Hotel properties.

In an attempt to get Nike’s travel agents to attend a meeting from Ace Hotel, a 3-part invitation was sent: first letters; then packages; finally postcards. The packages contained various 7″ vinyl records, which were played during the presentation. All pieces were made and decorated by hand, including the envelopes and record covers. The result was one of the highest attendance rates of any Nike travel agent presentation ever, and Ace Hotel got the gig shortly thereafter.

The entire package was awarded best “Complete Design Program” by Applied Arts Magazine.

Shared credit goes to Demitri Fregosi.

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