While working for the Atelier Ace from 2005 to 2009, our own Jeremy Pelley helped to lay down the diverse foundation of the award-winning Ace Hotel brand. Under the creative direction of the four original partners, he helped produce high-level branding solutions, graphics and products for each of the Ace Hotel properties. A wide assortment of ephemera was created over the years, including everything from the Pendleton wool blankets, wayfinding signage, and artwork installations, to the stationery, products, ads, invitations and much, much more. Far too much work was produced to list here in its entirety, and since nothing is templated at Ace, it is best experienced in person at each property to understand the depth and breadth of the branding solutions.

After leaving Atelier Ace in 2009 to co-found OMFGCO, the company was subsequently hired by Ace to continue developing the brand voice. OMFGCO created design solutions ranging from ads, art installations, and signage solutions, to custom graphics for products, custom leather lanyards and badges, and photography for the Ace website and sales kits.

Shared credit to Philip Iosca on all creations for Ace Hotel Portland, and to Demitri Fregosi on the New York and Palm Springs properties, who both worked for the Atelier Ace as well.

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