More than just a client, Spirit of 77 was truly a labor of love for us. As the core creative team, we have attempted to build a foundation that will serve the bar for years to come. The project was brought to us by Jack Barron, a partner of Ace Hotel, and under his creative direction we concepted, designed and built everything from the ground up.

The namesake is derived from the championship season of the Trail Blazers: a time when players had beards, smoked grass, rode bikes and united the city. This era influenced everything we did in the space, and we worked on just about everything: the menus, signage, website, & the custom pop-a-shot we dubbed the Buzzer Beater.

Our goal was to re-invent the sports bar. We wanted to make a place that would appeal to the classic sports fan, but also to the rest of us. Shortly after we opened, we had the moment we didn’t realize would tie it all together: packed shoulder-to-shoulder for a Trail Blazers win, and as the crowd erupted, it was almost like being there.

Big thanks to Tim Davey, Andrew Gregory, Donald Kenney, Nate Tilden, Jack Barron, David Neevel & all of the amazing employees who keep this place going.

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