Because Portland is such a weird little place, with a tech savvy, forward-thinking community and a history of innovation – Google decided to experiment in early 2011 and blanketed our fair city with a big-time marketing campaign for a service they were calling “Hotpot.”

Instead of throwing a big party with a Google banner in the center, they asked if we could come up with something a little less typical. With help from our friends Connie Wohn & Seann McKeel, we concepted a series of free concerts hosted in unusual spots which we called Best Ever. Video and photography were shot with help from Chris Hornbecker, Caleb Plowman & Jeff T Smith.

Along with the marketing material for the concerts, we also produced a digital mixtape with help from Ben Hubbird & Gray Gannaway, featuring some of the best bands in town. Custom Scout Books were dropped off in every corner of town as the vehicle for the album, with drawings of each band and a listing of their favorite places in town. To top it all off, a bunch of the Google Places rate-able things that make our city so unique were hand-drawn by us, and letterpressed by Keegan Meegan & Co in a limited-edition batch of posters.

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