Chef Aaron Woo and his wife Karen had a great concept for a fixed-price vegetarian and vegan restaurant, but no idea what to call it. They knew what they wanted the place would look and feel like inside, and hired Fix Studio to help execute their interior design vision.

They were understandably anxious about dealing with the polarizing political associations of being a meatless establishment (especially here in Portland), and wanted to avoid using the “v-words” as much as possible.

We knew our focus had to be on the quality of the food and ingredients, and not on the fact it’s all meatless. In our searching, we came across some very old illustrations of vegetables and their scientific classifications, and immediately fell in love with the simple, utilitarian beauty. The name Natural Selection rang like a bell – the juxtaposition of this sort of imagery with that name was a perfect, tongue-in-cheek solution.

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