Who can resist two tasty tacos and a drink for $1.69, along with a coupon for discounted Gap denim? (Denim or not, it is the best deal in the city.)

Gap came to us to help them design the look and feel of a food cart that sold delicious gourmet tacos made by celebrity chefs, and also pimped their 1969 denim line. Our vision of the Pico de Gap truck was inspired by the classic hand painted signage found around the bodegas of L.A. We incorporated simple neon (both in English and Spanish), wooden baskets with rolled up denim, hand painted signage, and bright, glowing color throughout.

They have several trucks produced across the nation, from L.A. to San Francisco, and from Chicago to N.Y.C.

Hand painted signage beautifully rendered by our friends at Starr Studios.

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