Portland Meadows race track has been a staple on the Portland scene since 1946, but almost no one really knew about it. If they did, they thought it was a dog track, or that it had closed. When they came to us for help it was a last ditch effort to spark interest in not only the track, but into horse racing in general. Their investors were ready to pull the plug.

They wanted an entire rebrand, including all printed collateral, a full reskinning of their website, help with the physical space, as well as a marketing campaign and an opening day event. And they wanted it all within 2 months. Yikes!

It was a scramble, but we were able to pull it off without a hitch. The campaign was very well received around town by Portlanders of all types, and the opening day was packed with about 4,000 people—the biggest they have had since the 70′s. Momentum from the campaign has kept things rolling, and it seems there is new life breathed into Portland Meadows.

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