Hue+Cry is a creative studio of designers, illustrators, and animators based in Richmond, VA. From commercials to short films, they combine an artist-led approach to storytelling with a dogged commitment to quality, craft, innovation, and having a good time.

The team came to us wanting to update their identity to better reflect the growth and culture of their evolving studio. We helped refresh their brand by creating a modular, fluid identity system that balances simplicity and utility with almost endless opportunities to be brought to life.

Built on a simple quadrant grid, the logo lockup combines an H+C monogram with a classic smiley motif—representing the character-filled work they produce and the people behind the scenes who make it. The logo system then folds out to allow for multiple versions of the theme, as well as the introduction of discretionary visuals for more specific use. The intention was for the studio to be able to create their own unique versions and dynamic motion within a distinct and recognizable branding framework. One of our favorite parts of this process was seeing how Hue+Cry took ownership of their identity, bringing the system to life in ways we hadn't originally thought of.


When it came to the rest of the design system, we wanted to create an elevated version of the classic 'local business' aesthetic by using bold, utilitarian typography, limiting type size combinations, introducing fun and humor into their copy, stripping back the color palette, and generally taking a 'bigger is better' approach to filling space.

The result is a confident and distinct identity that can take center stage when it needs to, while being simple enough to step back from the spotlight and let the work they make shine.

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  • Concept
  • Brand
  • Logo Suite
  • Copywriting
  • Website Direction

Special thanks to:

Hue+Cry Team | Jeff Bybee + Matt Darnall + Magnus Hierta + Luis Roca + Scott Friske

OMFGCO Team | Lauren Masterson + Jordan Metcalf + Megan Snelten + Tom Ahn

Animations | Hue+Cry