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Mixology lovers rejoice: Portland has a new brand of bottled craft cocktails called Straightaway, enabling anyone (of legal drinking age) to easily experience the finest in craft cocktails, regardless of their skill-level behind the bar. They have five fledgling offerings, ranging from well-loved classics to lesser-known libations, designed to be enjoyed anytime and anywhere.

We were tasked to help build their brand from the ground up.

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Taking cues from cocktail history and lore, the brand features plenty of story-telling via the visuals and copywriting. The labels are inspired by vintage luggage stickers, and each feature an illustration depicting the narrative of its respective cocktail. A vibrant and good-humored quality permeates the brand, as these cocktails are meant to be enjoyed in convivial company.

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We also had the opportunity to help them with their tasting room in SE Portland, solving for tasting trays, art moments, and signage.

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