In the beginning, there were waves.


There's no question that CBD is the wellness product of the moment.

It can be found pretty much everywhere, and in pretty much everything, from topical lotions to magical potions.

But even with a myriad of products and endorsements, many people still find CBD a little... confusing.

Our client came to us with a vision for a CBD brand that could leverage beautiful design and positive storytelling, without all of the misleading claims or expected assertions.

Our goal was to develop an identity system that channeled optimism and inclusivity, inspired by the humble, quiet moments always found along the shores of our busy, modern world.

It needed to feel like sunsets with friends. Like putting on a new record. Like driving with the top down. Like dimming the lights. Chill vibes.


Welcome to Waveland.

It's nice here.

The simple lowercase wordmark was born from a marriage between 70’s serif typefaces and ocean waves, resulting in a classic-yet-customized mark with a subtle lean and a wavy ligature.

Packaging Tape 2

A secondary mark—the island—was based on the wave ligature within the wordmark itself.

Box Taped2 Wav
Openedbox Wav 01

The color palette was inspired by the ingredients inside, producing with sun-washed tones and shiny, jewel-like hues.

Back White Wav 02
Bothb Lack Wav

In addition to the packaging, we launched and managed Waveland's social account, making sure to bring the waves to the people.

But really, Waveland is about watching the sunset, not posting a picture of it.

Sip Waves.
  • Concept
  • Brand
  • Logo Suite
  • Copywriting
  • Illustration
  • Packaging
  • Collateral
  • Social media management
Special thanks to:

Our lovely clients Jen Slothower and Bryan Hill. They're the folks who brought everything to the table, glass and all.

Shout out to WLCR for web dev, and to Mona Creative for guiding and assisting the brand launch. It takes a village.