Expertly smoked meats, robust Thai flavors, and breezy island cocktails. Some things just pair well.

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The powerhouse trio of Earl Ninsom of Langbaan, Eric Nelson of Shipwreck, and Matt Vicedomini of Matt's BBQ came to us with a vision to bring those elements together under one roof, so we crafted a brand for them steeped in Thai-style vacation vibes with a twist.

They already had a name in mind: Eem, which was the phonetic spelling of Xim, a Thai word that translates to satiated in English. And it just so happened that EEM also represented the initials of the first names of the three partners: Earl, Eric, and Matt. Unintentional, yet kismet.

For the logo, we created a custom typeface inspired by Thai pop characters and a nod to straightforward English subtitles so often seen in foreign films. We paired this with a sunset-drenched palate, celebrating the rich colors and textures found in the Thai landscape.

With any restaurant, a major touch point of the brand is the interior design itself. In our concepting, we were drawn to the various types of woods and finishes utilized in Thai craft, as well as the vivid colors of contemporary Thai pop culture. The cavernous space could easily feel cold and empty, so we broke up the large main room into smaller dining spaces to create a greater sense of intimacy. With that move and a few more, it's now vacationer-ready with ample room for guests on the wait-list, a wrap-around bar for a quick (or leisurely) drink, and two formal dining areas.

a person holding a ceramic vase with a flower in it
a restaurant with a large orange and white wall
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a small elephant figurine sitting on top of a wooden table

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