The Juniper Lodge is located in the heart of Juniper Preserve, a wellness resort community and renowned golfing destination in the Central Oregon high desert, just outside of Bend.

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When we kicked off this project and did a market audit, we quickly realized that most of the properties in the area had a shared aesthetic. This “alpine lodge” style was also shared with every other mountain town in the west, from Jackson Hole to Whistler. The major difference we saw, was that Bend, situated in Oregon’s high desert, isn’t that same kind of town. Neighboring Mt. Bachelor is more alpine, but Juniper Preserve’s surroundings are more sparse and arid, filled with sagebrush, Idaho fescue, bunch grass, and of course, Juniper.

Calling our concept, High Desert Oasis, we set out to make a space that reflected the surrounding environment while also offering refuge from it. Natural elements of sisal, paper, and linen lend texture and color to the wood furniture, and the curated, warm lighting choices create strong, memorable silhouettes throughout. Slung leather seating, complemented by the softest sheepskin we could find, offers unparalleled comfort and style. 

We focused our efforts on creating an unparalleled experience. As an ode to handcrafted culture, our furniture selection draws inspiration from Japanese, Scandinavian, Southwest, and West Coast traditions. The blend of styles results in a unique and uncommon experience. We worked with local companies to source distinctive pieces for the space, and enlisted local fabricators to make a few of our own custom designs. We’re proud knowing that every piece of custom furniture, the casework, and all of the signage was made in Oregon.

Artists, makers, and craftspeople based in Oregon created their own interpretations of the high desert aesthetic—resulting in an artful juxtaposition of extremes. The art story explores local flora and fauna, incorporating a palette of colors, materials, forms, and textures from the region. Photographs, paintings, sculptures, assemblages, poetry, textiles, and found objects all coalesce into this high desert narrative.

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