Combining the convenience of a batched beverage with the quality of a hand-crafted cocktail, Still Branch offers enthusiasts of all experience levels the opportunity to mix a great Old Fashioned, every time.

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Still Branch approached us with the vision to create a revolutionary single-serving drink mixer, capable of rivaling the finest in handmade Old Fashioned cocktails. Prioritizing ease-of-use and accessibility, without sacrificing a high standard of craft quality, their cocktail sachets provide beginners and connoisseurs alike with a consistent cocktail experience, all from the comfort of their homes (or anywhere else for that matter.)

Tasked with giving this new product a name and a visual brand to match, we came up with an identity that feels trusted and crafty, with a fun and artful twist that strikes the perfect balance of unpretentious sophistication. Poetic and beautiful, the name Still Branch speaks to the quality

ingredients and the exactness of the product experience. “Stillness” is synonymous with mastery, and “branch,” taken from “branch water,” refers to the small streams that deliver the water used by bourbon distillers. Together, these words form a feeling of old-time tradition and notions of honesty and quality.

With a custom wordmark that channels the precision of a carefully cut cocktail garnish and the elegance of crystal glassware, we set the tone for a visual identity that perfectly embodies the art of mixology. Balancing the more refined notes of our wordmark, we introduced an inviting typographic system and a vintage lounge inspired color palette, culminating in a brand that's equal parts approachable and exquisite. As with every fine cocktail, we finished things off with a tasteful garnish, in the form of a suite of illustrations to highlight the all-natural ingredients that go into every sachet—from sorghum molasses to marasca cherry.

After carefully crafting the visual world for the brand, we applied the various elements to the product packaging, including a design for the individual mixer sachets as well as a box design in which to house them. Finally, to bring the brand to life, we directed and produced a photo and video shoot, showcasing both the product’s ease of use and illustrating the endless possibilities of where a Still Branch Old Fashioned can (and should) be enjoyed.

Here’s to spending less time mixing and more time mingling. Cheers!

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