The Laylow is a mid-century modern inspired hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii. Its laid-back, lush, plant-filled second floor lobby is an oasis from the hustle and bustle of Waikiki.

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Slated to join Marriott's Autograph Collection, we came into this project to help add a name, a brand, and a story to an off-beach hotel in Waikiki in need of a remodel and a reason to exist. Soon after presenting our first round of concepts, we were brought in to take on the full interior design, as well.

The colorful and magnetic visual identity is led by a barkcloth-inspired monstera leaf pattern that serves as the artistic thread between the various spaces of the hotel. Seen stretching across wallpaper, printed collateral, merch, and pool towels, the design serves as a recognizable piece of the hotel and an iconic backdrop on social media.

We infused the hotel with a Hawaiian Modern vibe that impacted every aspect of the brand and interiors, including the design of 14 unique room types with a suite of custom furniture, as well as the public spaces—the lobby and concierge, a restaurant, a bar, a retail store, and a pool deck.

With its energetic rooftop feel, the hotel's open-air restaurant, bar, and coffee shop called The Hideout uses architectural breeze blocks, colorful terrazzo, and custom tile patterns to capture the expressive vibrancy of the island, while also creating an escape from the busy streets below.

Leaning into the off-beach location of the hotel, we were able to help position the Laylow as a place of respite right above the buzz of the city, inviting guests to embrace the juxtaposition and enjoy the contrasting styles within each space. We set out to make a place in Waikiki that both locals and travellers would love and have had an incredible response with dozens of inquiries to buy the wallpaper and furniture pieces.

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