Slk 1 Interior Hero

Slack's headquarters are located South of Market Street in San Francisco. On the ground floor of the building, there's a 2000 sq. ft. space that is zoned for retail.

Slack called us to help them figure out what to do with it.

Slack has a wide audience of users, from scrappy entrepreneurs to buttoned-up enterprise types. We needed to provide spaces where both new and experienced users could engage with Slack at their own level.

Slk 2 Modules

We developed a program of education modules that would enable people with different backgrounds to explore different aspects of Slack.

We took Pentagram's speech bubble and lozenge shapes from the branding and built them into the entry door.

Slk 3 Outside

We didn't want this to feel like an Apple Store or a tech store in general. We wanted it to feel human and approachable, just like Slack.

We used warm, natural materials and called our help desk in the center of the space: The Empath Bar.

Slk 4 Empath Bar

We later appointed the Empath Bar with a ⌘K (the key command for the universal search function inside of Slack) because, well, you get it.

We designed differently-sized learning modules for different topics and different audiences.

Slk 7 Module

And we created a system of comfortable, modular furniture pieces to accommodate different types of gatherings and dressed them in brand adjacent colors to avoid being too on the nose.

Slk 9 Interior Wide
Slk 8 Interior Wide
Slk 6 Interior

And we carved out a space for them to sell collaboration-related goods and Slack swag.

Slk 10 Retail
  • Strategy
  • Interior Design
  • Furniture Design
  • Signage
Special thanks to:

to all the people that helped make this happen.

Slack | Kristy Tillman, Danee Chavez, Deano Roberts, Linda Shaw, Anna Pickard, Lionel Brazil

SC Builders | Kirk Wagerman, Nick Gooding, Matthew Carr

Studio O+A | Dan Kretchmer

Superfab | Jeremy Smith, Dave Collins, Andy Powell

Pentagram | Michael Bierut

Fortitude | Jon Staton

Photography | Emily Hagopian

OMFGCO Slack Team | Fritz Mesenbrink, Ashley Tackett, Garth Klippert, Katherine Garber, Billy Rueck, Ridan Arellano, Sarah Hollowood, Ariel Piazza, and Lea Loo